Fuorisalone 2014 | ZonaTortona VenturaLambrate

Fuorisalone milano 2014

The Milan Design Week is almost over, and the web is full of images and articles about what happened during these last four days. This year too I visited Milan Fuorisalone – a faster than light visit to two of my favorite locations: ZonaTortona e VenturaLambrate.  While editing the photographs I took during those exhausting […]

InMotion and Blurred | silviacasaliphotography

Stay Please silvia casali photography

You might have noticed that I have been quiet for a while, partly because of my health problem, but I must admit that the main reason is because I am experiencing a sort of dilemma about what to do with my supposed-to-be artistic talent. I have not yet decided which is the talent I have […]

Artefiera Bologna 2014

negotiation 59 decision sourdes Caroline la Mehaute

Two years ago I visited Artefiera Bologna for the first time. I was marveled by the creativity exposed and was really excited to be able to see all that creativity from very very close. During the last two years I was very lucky to have given the possibility to become an art student. It is […]

Sculpture workshop with Vasco Montecchi

Vasco Montecchi portrait (background)

Last winter I attended an art course where the main subject was painting (which I discovered I do not like that much, but I will talk about it in a later post) together with photography and sculpture. Actually the sculpture module was a very short one, but I was the one I enjoyed most, in […]

I Custodi delle Stelle | The Keepers of the Stars


Getting back to a concept I designed a year ago, experimenting, testing myself, my creativity and my endless curiosity led me to create this trilogy: I Custodi delle Stelle (The Keepers of the Stars). I am not into papercraft, that was my first time. But I really enjoyed the process, I really loved the flow […]

Sand Art | Kseniya Simonova

I am starting to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. It is not that well known in Italy, but I am sure that its popularity will raise during 2012 even in my “very Facebook addicted” country. Anyway, browsing this new cool social newtork I have found a video showing a performance sand art performer […]

Nancy Fouts’ Paradoxical Juxtapositions

Originally posted on belopotosky:
Nancy Fouts is an American-born artist who lives in London for her marketing career. However, it is her fine-art sculptures which has caught everyone’s attention. Her surrealist work poetically marries surprising items; together creating paradox. She has a knack for creating an atmosphere of curiosity and intrigue with her audience. Sometimes…

Jason deCaires Taylor’s SeaPeople


Originally posted on belopotosky:
At the bottom of the sea, you will find Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures. Beautiful and constantly developing as they grow artificial reefs. The scuba-diving British sculptor who trained at the Camberwell College of Art, created the figures out of a special cement with a neutral PH, which attracts corals to grow…

Noodles Doodles Art | Sagaki Keita

At first sight I said to myself: “Mmm…the usual boring classic art”. Then I took a closer look and …WOW! Artist Sagaki Keita was born in 1984 and lives and works in Tokyo. His densely composited pen and ink illustrations contain thousands of whimsical characters that are drawn almost completely improvised.

Micro macro installations | Do-Ho Suh


Once again, thanks to Nicole to introduce me to this very interesting Korean Artist, Do-Ho Suh, whose installations and architectural environments are playing between the micro and the macro, between personal and social, individual and collectivity. You can read more about him in this designboom interview. Do-Ho Suh is represented by gallery Lehmann Maupin, New York.


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