Mercedes F125 Concept Has Gestural Interface, Hydrogen-Filled Frame

A sleek luxury sedan, the F-125 sports an advanced hydrogen-electric hybrid engine.

Today, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes revealed its car of the future: a luxury sedan with zero-emissions propulsion–the holy grail of “sustainable” car manufacturing–thanks to a hydrogen-electric-hybrid engine and fuel tanks integrated into the car body. The F-125 will be able to travel 650 uninterrupted miles without a single puff of exhaust.

The great innovation that Mercedes is touting makes it sound a bit like Hindenberg: The hydrogen storage is actually built into the body of the thing, which is made of fiber-reinforced plastics, aluminum, and steel. This would solve the problem of where to put the hydrogen tank in your car, circa the year 2700 or thereabouts. In all seriousness though, if we ever do get around to driving hydrogen cars–and also getting them not to explode on impact?–we’ll have to use some sort of storage system like this to preserve interior space.

Meanwhile, inside, the navigation system and electronics are supposedly controlled by a set of intuitive hand gestures that Mercedes has developed, thus making driving a bit less like being inside a giant iPod–BMW, we’re looking at you and your iDrive system–and more like being in a mime routine. Interested? Sorry, you’ll have to drive back to the future for this one–it’s a concept that won’t be realized, Mercedes confesses, for another 25 years.

via Mercedes F125 Concept Has Gestural Interface, Hydrogen-Filled Frame | Co. Design.

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