A wooden furniture series for children – Bo Reudler Studio

Bo Reudler Studio presents the Kids’ Furniture series during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven 22-30 October 2011. The furniture will be exhibited at a design auction and exhibition organised by the World Wildlife Fund to held in the Klokgebouw, Strijp-S.


Bo Reudler Studio is a product and interior design studio led by Bo Reudler, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bo graduated from the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design and is also co-founder of Asylum Collection. The work of the studio aims to charge objects with imagination and meaning, working as storytellers through matter, experimenting with materials, following their hidden qualities to bring out their natural beauty.
The collection is composed from elemental shapes and basic materials, built in an intuitive, playful way. The series comprises a table and chair, rocking horse, wheelbarrow and doll’s cradle.
The objects are hand made from solid oak finished with a coating of natural oil and soft colorful footings of woollen felt. The edges of the furniture retain the original curves of the trunk or branch enabling every piece to be unique.
The wood originates from fallen Dutch trees that are sawn in the traditional wind-powered sawmill Het Jonge Schaap situated in the Zaanse Schans, Zaanstad.
The collection was realized with the generous support of Het Jonge Schaap and Jantien Ranzijn & vdr.


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