This is a great project I have discovered just a couple of days ago thanks to Chicquero.

Barbara Iweins is a very nice woman living between Brussel and Amsterdam who a couple of years ago started the “Au coin de ma rue project”

“I always wonder what makes me turn to look at one passer-by rather than another when I am mostly indifferent to the rest.

I observe them a few seconds and I try to imagine what they are thinking while they are walking. If I had the guts of Sophie Calle, I would amuse myself to follow them for a while but I don’t have this delicious audacity.

Why are my eyes drawn by these people?
I don’t think it has anything to do with beauty or esthetics but more with their general attitude.
They all have an ‘intangible something’ that reflects into their expression. It’s like their body and face embrace entirely their personality.

Anyway, all these lines to express that I was often frustrated not to have my camera when I needed it.

Now, I take an hour or two per week to go bother these beautiful human beings at the corner of my house…”

The result is an amazing collection of pictures, that soon became covered by the international press thanks to a talented journalist from NY, Johanna Goddard ( who compared Barbara’s photographs to a “hip version of the game Memory.

Here’s a couple of her great pictures, but please take your time to visit her blog – it is worth a visit!