A social active game experience

I can’t help myself from sharing this amazing game concept by Adam Henriksson – a portable motion controller allowing to play games with people in real life. Sounds crazy, instead to me this is pure genius!

“I was starting all over again and this time I wanted to focus on what people loose time for” writes Adam “The ones that do not normally play games. My project was now about encouraging social interaction. To play with friends, family and even strangers. I collaborated with indie game developer Nicklas Nygren and the Copenhagen Game Collective. This is the first part of a film about the process and result”

“Pockit is a portable motion controller running no graphic games.” follows Adam on his blog  “Instead the gamers focus on each other, the environment and external props. It measures parameters like motion and location, and gives feedback through vibration, sound and light. This portable concept enables play everywhere and logs locations that can be shared with others. Through a hive mind community popular locations will be shown as hot spots, much like gaming arcades in the 80s. The games are closely related to children’s play and sports. It encourages everyone to be physical and have a reason to break norms. Since no graphics are needed, games can be as simple as digital versions of rock-paper-scissor, or long as a tournament of magic spell duels. Games are intuitive, they enable gamer rotations and take multiplayer games to a new level. The experience gives a deeper social interaction”

A must to try.


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