Dear Santa, just bring me Nothing, or better, a Cardboard Box…but like this one!

Thanks to Nicole, I have discovered Nothing.

Nothing is an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, whose interior design perfectly reflect  the  creative-problem-solving attitude of this creative agency with a “it is not what you but how  you do it” attitude.

The office interior designed by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk, was assembled with no screw and no glue. Just watch this video. Amazing.

Browsing their website (which I find really cool too with its simplicity) you fill find plenty of cool projects, like the File Wekker App which informs you about traffic jams BEFORE you hit them. Or the Free Idea of the Month, as this n.12 advice for a coffee shop owner located close to the Van Gogh museum.

Great work guys!



  1. That is unbelievable! How crazy clever that is. Very neat.

  2. this is definitely something for a wishlist..

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