lik house | satoru hirota architects

Another “my style” house with a BUT: I do really like only the bathroom, the very zen courtyard where all the rooms have access to BUT I really do not like its location.

I  think a video  would have shown volumes and spaces much better than wide-angle picures – but the whole project has that Zen atmosphere I like so much -and there is a meditation room too!

Satoru Hirota architects have completed the ‘lik house’, a single family dwelling within a residential area of the business district in Tokyo, Japan. Taking the form of a tube wrapping around an outdoor courtyard, each room links to the next within the continuous volume of this single storey house.

A thin exterior wall allows each space to become infused with a soft light, creating a vague distinction between the interior and exterior.

Floor-to-ceiling ribbon windows border each of the internal spaces, introducing views of the bamboo garden and vegetation into the rooms.

via satoru hirota architects: lik house.