Blooming Light for out-of-the-grid communities | Olafur Eliasson

One of the first I>K post was about a smart idea born tobring light to people living in the darkest slums in India.

“Littlesun”, the name of this small solar-powered lantern, is another smart and shining product having a similar purpose. Presented at the  World Economic Forum, Littlesun has been designed to improve access to light and electricity to those living in small, rural communities in Africa which are not built on an electric grid.

” People across Asia, Africa, and South America live without direct access to electricity. They rely on other fuels, such as kerosene, for lighting. Despite efforts to bring electricity to areas without it, the number of people in sub-Saharan Africa with no access to mains electricity continues to grow. 

Replacing kerosene with solar-powered lighting, a key goal of the World Bank’s efforts to improve energy access, improves studying conditions for children, lessens the chance of kerosene fires, reduces spending on kerosene, lowers health risks, and decreases air pollution.”

Littlesun has been developed by the icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with entrepreneur Frederik Ottesen . Olafur Eliasson is not new to socially responsible project, being also the founder of 121 Ethiopia, an aid organization working to improve the lives of  orphans in Ethiopia.


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