While They await Extinction 2011 | Hanna Hedman

I do not know the weight of this incredible jewelry by Hanna Hedman but I would gladly wear one of these amazing artworks made of silver, oxidized silver, powder coated copper and paint.

Hanna Hedman is an awarded Swedish jewellery artist living in Stockholm. Her “While they await extinction”-is a jewellery prpoject that has its origin in nature and the animal kingdom. Images of endangered animals and plants merge into each other and create new form of life. The forms are inspired by species unable to adapt or in some cases even completely died out. The jewels are affirmations for the different species, but also a commentary on the responsibility that we as humans hold. By wearing these jewels we become reminded of this responsibility on our own bodies in the form of memento jewellery.

“Humans often have a romantic idea of the natural world and the relationship we have with it, but in reality we are in conflict with nature by having a major negative impact on biodiversity. Our destructive behaviour negatively affects the environment and ultimately ourselves” Hanna Hedman (Source: Hanna Hedman’s website, Photographer: Sanna Lindberg, www.sannalindberg.com)

Hanna Hedman

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