Amazing Desert House | Marmol Radziner

Desert houses can benefit from many features – plenty of sunlight, beautiful scapes or the promise of blissful isolation.

This particular Desert House built in Desert Hot Springs, California interacts with the arid grounds and playfully seems to integrate the surroundings in its modern architecture.

Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Marmol Radziner, the fascinating oasis of modern human lifestyle sits on a five acre property and overlooks San Jacinto peak and the surrounding mountains.

With a 2,000 square feet floor plan doubled by the covered exterior spaces, the Desert House ensures plenty of well-lit, beautifully designed interior space seamlessly connected to the outdoors.

 An L-shaped floor plan shaped a protective area, where the swimming pool and inviting fire pit offer two incredible elements for days and nights to remember. The North wing is reserved for a guest house and an art studio, taking social entertaining to a new level. The Desert House is actually a prototype prefab home – looking forward to more projects like this one.

via Prototype Prefab Home In The Californian Desert | Freshome.


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