Will Nokia’s Human Form Concept ever come into production?

It is really sad to see companies like Nokia, market leader for more than a decade, becoming each and every day something belonging to the past, to the pre-iPhone era.  I loved Nokia’s mobile phones, they were incredibly easy to use and worked perfectly. But this is not enough, not right now.

I’ve recently discovered this concept by Nokia, dated October 2011.

“Project is a key to bring significant user experience benefits to the market thereby creating mindshare and value share through nanotechnology enabled experiences.
Nokia HumanForm is a visionary solution for a dynamically flexible device beyond touch screen and voice communication where technology is invisible and intuition takes over.
Natural interactions are enabled with a kinetic user interface.”

I would really love to try it, I am sure Nokia did a great job but I think this presentation lacks something peculiar in the “Human Form”: warmth.  This is a very cold technical presentation of natural interactions, they showed nature only in cold colors. They appeal to senses  and to emotions but in a very “cold” way – again, touch, feel and sense are featured with cold colors.

Humans are not like this, at least not yet!


Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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