I must admit that in my many visits to U.S.A I have never had cupcakes. Despite my being Italian, I love to experiment “foreign” food traditions, but nobody offered me a cupcake while I was in the U.S.A therefore I ignore what they are.

But I assure you that the next time that I will go to LA I will drive to Sprinkles Beverly Hills location just to test how this funny ATM works – and I am sure these cupcakes are very delicious too!

On its Beverly Hills storefront, the 24-hour cupcake vending machine, dispenses in addition to various varieties of cupcakes, the company’s speciality cupcakes for dogs, cupcake baking mixes, and souvenir items.  The device is to be restocked regularly with freshly baked cupcakes, dispensed from a small opening beneath the selection screen.

My great grandmother was renowned for the distinctive desserts she made at her San Francisco restaurant during the 1930’s. She created pure, delicious, uncomplicated pastries – the result of her French culinary roots and her new American working life. These days, as I sift, whisk and frost at the bakery I began with my husband in Beverly Hills, I imagine our scratch-based cupcakes as a natural extension of my great grandmother’s legacy.

As we continue the tradition of simple and satisfying desserts handcrafted from the best ingredients – not too precious, always just right – our hope is that Sprinkles Cupcakes will conjure up lovely memories of your own childhood or family, or simply the pleasure of good taste.” Candace Nelson, Founder, Sprinkles Cupcakes

It is also a pleasure to browse their neatly designed website, where you can find plenty of information about this sustainable and socially responsible company, product information and online order form and much more. Good job, Candace!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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