Do you know what Yarn Bombing is? If you do not, then read this

Better not to say “I already know everything about this subject” because you never know what you might stumble upon. I was drinking my Saturday morning espresso at the local caffè, skimming through one of those offered magazine when I saw the guerrilla-crafts of Graffiti Grannys and went “WOW”!

And this year, it is the second time that I go WOW with a knitting artwork/marketing. The first time was when I saw Innocent “Age Concerns” marketing campaign, followed by the incredible Shauna Richardson’s Crochetaxidermy.

Graffiti Grannys belong to what has been called  “Yarn Bombing” , a cozier version of street graffiti. Sometimes referred to as Grandma Graffiti, it is the guerilla crocheting of buildings, bike racks, stairs, statues, trees, lampposts and more are covered with crochet or knitting by various artists.

A Yarn Bombed homage to Banksy by Agata Olek, image courtesy of Olek

Graffiti Grannys , for instance, is a group of “knitting addicted” from West Cornwall, ranging in age from mid-40s to 96 years.

They made their first appearance on April Fool’s Day in 2010. Then the residents of Mousehole, West Cornwall, awoke to find their village covered in 69 woolly mice on railings and hanging on mailboxes. They left a little note on each saying “please take me”. Since then there have been scores of appearances, including Truro being decorated with flowers on Mothering Sunday.

A relatively new global phenomenon, this softer form of urban vandalism is appearing in every country around the globe and was recently celebrated on June 11th as International Yarn Bombing day.

Isoäidinneliöillä maailman suurin tilkkupeitto

It seems that their next “guerrilla” act – or yarnbombing- will be on April 6th  in Aquila, Italy, during the second anniversary of the tremendous earthquake that destroyed the town. I am really REALLY curious to know what they will perform on that occasion.

Graffiti Grannys bike rack

But Graffiti Grannys are not the only ones. Artists/knitters like Jessie Hemmons of ishknits, Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please and artist Agata Olek, are only among the many, since this this softer form of urban vandalism is appearing in every country around the globe and it is also celebrated on June 11th as International Yarn Bombing day

El train yarnbombed by ishknits


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