Checking my blog stats I saw that “somebody for Switzerland” re-blogged one of my post. I am a very curious person, therefore I visited the re-blogging site, found it was CIELBLEU’s blog and then …. added their wonderful “slow fashion” products  to my wishlist!

But makes CIELBLEU this interesting to me?

” Cielbleu is a curious and unique fellowship of fashion, who likes to do things in a very particular way” says Francois Heitz, one of CIELBLEU founders. “Cielbleu was founded in 2011 by four friends – none of us with any considerable track record in fashion design and production. So why did we start? We wanted to prove that it’s possible to produce top-quality clothing in our neighborhood at fair prices and conditions. Often a T-Shirt has collected a lot of airline miles until it’s available in the shop – and we don’t think it has to.


 Here at Cielbleu, every piece will be carefully hand-manufactured in Switzerland, the country known for its handicraft tradition (take the worlds best watches for instance). We keep our design simple – and simple doesn’t have to be poor. We reduce our pieces to what really counts: quality and functionality. We’re not interested in industrial mass production and we don’t like to waste resources by keeping large stocks. That’s why it takes some time until you get what you ordered.


We call this Slow Fashion – and that will give our products something that others often miss:  a soul

If you order a beanie, one of our skilled ladies around lake Zurich will start to work – every one of them with a lifetime of experience in knitting. Those ladies have a reputation to loose. So there’s no rush. If they don’t feel like knitting, they don’t knit. Might sound crazy but believe us – you will feel the difference.

Quality takes time and ease. 


It’s not easy to become one of our products. You have to be produced according to pitiless environmental standards and with highest care, just to qualify as a potential candidate. So are we green? Despite the fact that we don’t like that everything is labeled eco these days, we try to be sustainable „in extremis“:  we want you to love our handmade cashmere stuff because of the way it feels on your skin and the way it looks when you‘re wearing it. We want you to know that every single piece is carefully handmade with dignity and pride in Switzerland. We want to give you a piece of clothing you can keep and treasure, not even thinking of throwing it away…”

And as I wrote in the email I sent them first: BRAVO!!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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