Polaroid, Polaroid transfer on canvas and more | Lionel Munoz

When I see images like Lionel Muñoz ones I feel like I will never be so brave and smart to “find a way to express myself” like he does with his Polaroid transfers.

Muñoz explains his way into Polraoid photography: “After ‘Blast Magazine’ asked me to shoot a documentary of Santiago and the skateboarders, I then decided that all urban images would be in that Polaroid image transfer technique. At that point I started researching how to do it. A few years later in New York I perfected the art of image transfer.”

It was difficult to choose among the many wonderful captures on his Flickr profile..here some (images courtesy of Lionel Muñoz)

Untitled by Lionel Munoz

Untitled by Lionel Munoz

Untitled - Hasselblad by Lionel Munoz



  1. the first of Lionel’s images comes through, but the final two did not. There is just a blank with a little red ‘x’ in the top left hand corner–just thought I’d tell you. But the first image is fantastic, as are the final three.

    • Thanks for your feedback – it seems to me that there is any technical problem on my side – maybe it is your browser? Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? Grazie!

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