Sound Sculptures | Nick Cave


All images by james prinz, chicago and courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman gallery, new york

Originally from Missouri, now based in Chicago, USA, Nick Cave has been creating intricate wearable sculptures for nearly twenty years.

Nick Cave Soundsuit 2011

Each piece is formed from an wide array of materials obtained from various locales. cave brings elements such as sequins, twigs, feathers, knit pieces, buttons, beads, wire, metal, human hair and voodoo dolls to his collection of vibrant human-scale works.

Nick Cave soundsuit 2011

Cave, having worked as a dancer, training with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City, incorporates this appreciation of human form and movement in the development of his soundsuits.

The pieces are intended to be worn, the whimsical quality of each ensemble is further enhanced by the dynamism of the person inside the elaborate outfit.

Nick Cave soundsuit 2011

Nick Cave’s elaborate soundsuits are now on show at the cincinnati art museum in cincinnati, ohio, USA until april 29th, 2012.

via soundsuit sculptures by nick cave.


3 thoughts on “Sound Sculptures | Nick Cave

    1. I would love to wear one of those..even though I think they must be very heavy! Human creativity is an endless source of beautiful and crazy things..

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