The Trashcam Project

I am trying to understand how to take good pictures, spending time in learning how to post-produce them and then I see this very interesting pictures taken with a….garbage can transformed into a pinhole camera! ARGGGGGG!!!!

For those of you who do not know what a pinhole camera is, further details are available at this Wikipedia link .

For those of you who wonder how to transform a garbage can into a pinhole camera, I do not have any idea but here how it looks like.

The Trashcam Project is an incredible idea by Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Hans-Peter Strahl, Roland Wilhelm, Max Soller, Michael Pfohlmann, and Werner Bünning (all from Hamburg, Germany).

Aren’t these images amazing?

All images The Trashcam Project Copyright


4 thoughts on “The Trashcam Project

  1. Interesting, but I don’t really see the reason for a trashcan, since they could use a normal pinhole. But maybe it is sort of a secrete camera.. Photos ok.

    1. Well, you are right but it is more “interesting” from a marketing perspective to show that pics have been shot by a trashcan, do not you think?

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