My O de Joy children’s e-book now FREE on Amazon!

A little bit of self-promotion…:-)

I have published my short and not so short stories on Amazon – really proud of myself because I did everything on my own: story, illustration and Kindle e-book conversion.

On Amazon you will find all of them BUT I would like to submit to your attention one of these stories: O de Joy

O de Joy silvia casali Kindle Book

The adventures of a peculiar skunk, whose destiny is to change the life of the many animals and people she encounters during her very dangerous journey towards her new life.
A thrilling, funny and touching educational story about differences, for children and for the child within us.

I have set up two promotional week-ends during which you can download O de Joy for free.

DOWNLOAD O de Joy Kindle Edition for FREE from Saturday May 26th to Sunday May 27th and from June 2nd to June 3rd, 2012.


Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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