Fotografia Europea 2012

Fotografia Europea 2012-1Fotografia Europea 2012-2Fotografia Europea 2012-3Fotografia Europea 2012-4Fotografia Europea 2012-5Fotografia Europea 2012-6
Fotografia Europea 2012-7Fotografia Europea 2012-8Fotografia Europea 2012-9Fotografia Europea 2012-10Fotografia Europea 2012-11Fotografia Europea 2012-12
Fotografia Europea 2012-13Fotografia Europea 2012-14Fotografia Europea 2012-15

Fotografia Europea 2012, a set on Flickr.

I live in the North of Italy, on the border of the area which now is under a massive earthquake attack. 40 km between me and the disaster. It is not a lot. It is a very odd feeling to live so close, share the wait for the next earthquake but not sharing the same desperation.
I am lucky, very lucky because despite it is been two days during which we are shaking all day long, my small village does not show any scar.

I have decided to post pictures which are a little bit “personal” – they are about local events happened during the last week.

But I would like to raise awareness about this wonderful Italian area where I live, and about the funny, strong, happy and marvelous people that live here.

Via Flickr:
Visiting The prestigious photography happening in Reggio Emilia



  1. Best wishes to Italy, may there be no more earthquakes.
    Lookked at your photos, they are great ones! The green stair is one om my favorites..

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