Riccione silvia casali photography 2012-1089

I always see many beautiful pictures shot in exotic locations, portraing situations that are – for us living in what is called civilized world – “very different”.

I sometimes wonder how wonderful it would be to be payed to travel just for photography sake, and how amazing it would be to have the chance to reflect such high cultural contrasts with images.

But I am not a professional photographer and right now I do not have the money to travel to such exotic locations. This is why I try to find the “exotic” and the “high contrast” in what surrounds me, in my ordinary life.

This project of mine, “Riccione Shades of Light”, offers a different view of what is one of the most traditional and loved Italian summer holiday locations.
Little or no colors, just light and what is a very unusual landscape for a beach usually overcrowded and full of life.



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