Exhibiting at Fotografia Europea 2013

It is been a while since I last wrote a post. Many things happened, as usual, all together creating a big confused and crazy bundle of creativity and emotions.

It happened that my life changed, for a long while – and it is still not over- as a reflection of what happened in the life of my old mother.

I am trying to get the best out of this experience, and a portion of this “best” has recently become a photographic project ” Cosa accade quando tutto si ferma (What happens when everything stops)”

Cosa accade quando tutto si ferma 3

Life is a very surprising one, and it really surprised me when I was told that this project was selected for an exhibition during Fotografia Europea 2013 – one of the biggest photography events in Italy.

To my even greater surprise, I was asked to create another project for the same exhibition, once again about everyday life and family.

36mq (36smq) is the outcome


Both projects are published on my photography website.


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