UX L'è propria un bèl siit

Being a creative mind goes hand in hand with frustration and disappointment. Not all my brain “children” are good, not all of them are easy to be understood and sold – I know that and I have learnt to deal with the little disappointment of seeing one of my “babies” rejected by people.

But the biggest frustration arises when I see concepts and projects of mine that are loved, that create emotions in those who read/watch them, create the “wow” effect and despite that, their run towards a brighter future is arrested by a cultural (let’s call it culture, I would rather call it ignorance) wall that can be described as:  “Hey this is Italy, if you do not know the right people or you do not have enought money to do it yourself…no way”.

More than a year ago – supported by a group of smart and creative people such as Emiliano Fantuzzi | SbATCH and Cristina Monzillo –  I developed a project called “L’é propria un bèl siit (It is such a good place)” which is carefully described in the IMIK section of this website. 

I would really love to know your opinion about it and if you like it, please do share it. Thank you!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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