Last winter I attended an art course where the main subject was painting (which I discovered I do not like that much, but I will talk about it in a later post) together with photography and sculpture.

Actually the sculpture module was a very short one, but I was the one I enjoyed most, in a very visceral way I must add.
I had never touched and created with clay before, and when I did it I felt a sort of primeval pleasure, the one of life out of mud. I know it can sound to exaggerated, but it was marvelous to create a face with all its expression lines out of a very poor material such as clay.

I called my first creation “Francesco Olindo Ferretti”, a fiction character of about 74 year old, ex- boxer with a great heart. He does not speak that much, but he is a very generous and sensitive man.

Then I challenged my teacher, the great (in any way) Vasco Montecchi: I wanted to create his portrait.
He laughed a lot, saying “I am a very difficult man to deal with”, accepting to be my model. While Vasco was teaching to my classmates, I fell into a sort of creative trance, with a big smile on my face and my hands gliding on the wet clay. I cannot hide that I was really proud of what I was creating, I could feel the life in between my hands and that was extraordinary!

The result is the Vasco Montecchi portrai sculpture you see in the gallery below.

Unfortunately I have not yet seen it “cooked” with its  final terracotta color, the sculpture being at the school where I attended the course. But I will get it back soon – together with Mr. Ferretti and the “Lord of the Wind”, another sculpture I created during that week end.

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