McDonalds’ user generated ‘100 Moments’ interactive concept

McDonalds UK has recently launched a brand new interactive concept by Razorfish called ‘100 Moments’, celebrating  UK customers 100 most favourite moments (at McDonalds, of course).

Though I find the visual appealing and the animations interesting, I do not really understand what McDonalds is trying to achieve with this concept.


The only thing that comes to my mind is to expand McDonalds “reason why” adding user generated “reasons” to enjoy McDonalds. That’s it. And if this is it, then I think it is not that successful concept – up today the 100 Moments page received only 356 Facebook shares, which in my opinion are not a lot for a big player such as McDonalds is.

What is your opinion?


2 thoughts on “McDonalds’ user generated ‘100 Moments’ interactive concept

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