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You might have noticed that I have been quiet for a while, partly because of my health problem, but I must admit that the main reason is because I am experiencing a sort of dilemma about what to do with my supposed-to-be artistic talent.

I have not yet decided which is the talent I have to devote the most energy to, whether writing, photography or sculpting. I do not even know why I feel so compelled to take a decision among the three. One thing is for sure: I do not want to waste my supposed-to-be talent but I want to use it to create something beautiful and that can leave a track of my being on Earth. Sounds a HUGE thing, but I think that any human being has a talent and should use his or her gift -because we all have one- this way.

In searching for an answer, I have read many books -the most enlightening ones being “Finding Your Element” by Sir Ken Robinson, Drawing on the Artist Within: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Increasing Your Creative Powers” by Betty Edwards and “Dovresti tornare a guidare il camion Elvis” by Sebastiano Zanolli. All of them provided me with great tools for a most efficient use of my brain and creativity, but did not solve the dilemma.

For a long while, I quit photography – feeling like I was not that good at and it was a waste of time. Buying a new iPhone pushed me towards this pause in “serious” photography. Shooting pictures with this mobile device is so easy, and with all the many interesting filters it is possible to create amazing why spending time in searching for the best light, the best scene and editing when you can get great results in, let’s say, three minutes?

After a couple of months, I found myself stucked in another impasse. After having visited Artefiera 2014 I discovered that sculpting does not sell and it is not that appreciated and “understood”. Even Michelangelo will have hard time to leave a track by sculpting these days, and I am no Michelangelo at all.

Then I went back to my Lightroom archives, browsing all the thousands of images I shot during the last (and first) four years of my photographic journey. And I realized that I shot pictures that I hardly remembered of, and I hardly recognized as mine.

I edited some of them and updated my imaginando|photography experiences website adding new portfolio images and a new project: InMotion and Blurred.

This project really reflects the confusion that governs my mind, where everything is in motion and blurred. There might be beauty in these moving and not well defined subjects, but it is a very evanescent and escaping one.

Please see the whole project at imaginando.


Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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