I know I might be “boring” with all this posting about goodvertising. There is so much violence and intolerance in the news nowadays that sometimes I wonder whether we, as human being, are going to evolve towards a good-deprived existence. I am against this overwhelming flow of negative news -I know life can not be all about joy, candies and holidays but still waking up each day short of breath and with panic is not the best way to live a life.

What I am going to share with you is not a happy and joyful ad, but it is a perfect example of a simple yet very touching and engaging experience created to raise awareness about the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, created by the Swedish Agency Garbergs. What is interesting is that the concept behind this ad is not completely new but is a “remake” of another great ad designed and implemented by Agency Akestam Holst. As Sedir Ajeenah, a copywriter at Garbergs, stated on a CNET interview: “It wasn’t as much theft as cooperation. We’re friends with the people at Akestam Holst, the ad industry in Sweden isn’t that big, you know.”


Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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