adartee | fashion

Fashion is one of the many ways to express creativity and uniqueness. This is why I have always loved to design and make my own clothes; and when in 2002 I wore two custom t-shirts at two Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts many inquired about where I had bought them, so I said to myself: Why not?

And in that very moment adartee was born.

Ad arte, in Italian, means “artful -artfully” and the brand payoff “Beauty lies in the unique” was to describe that each adartee item was unique and beautiful because it reflected the owner’s personality. The “tee” stand for t-shirt, the main garment I customized.

What I wanted was to offer a second new life to old garments, those that in some way were not to be “thrown away” because of their being loaded with special memories.

This special link with the garment was not to be destroyed in the creative process, which started with a short interview of the customer about he creation of a totally different product, a more fashionable one but, above all, a unique one reflecting the personality of its owner.

At that time, sustainability in fashion was not yet sought after and “cool” as it is now, and Italy was not yet ready to welcome this kind of concept – therefore the whole project, despite its being widely appreciated by adartees’ owners and overseas followers, came to a stop.

But I still think that the whole concept and some of the styles can be sold also nowadays, therefore I have decided to devote an entire  section to my fashion adventure and to keep the old, not very user- friendly, adartee website online.

Also to remind me of my complete lack of HTML programming skills – thank God WordPress exists!