A biblical bridge | Ro&Ad

I did not know Ro&Ad Architecten from  Netherland until yesterday, when I received my daily Fast.Co Design newsletter. Simply Wonderful. I would pay to cross this bridge. Then I visited their website and found this project description I would like to share: "At times, it can be good to come up with something senseless. The freedom of [...]

dmvA Architecten – Antwerp

I could not help myself from sharing this project from one of my favorite architecture design studio - dmvA Architecten. Blob VB3 is a small mobile home, - a great medium-sized office if placed in my garden 😉 - the product of 18-months work of skirting around strict building codes. The result is a a [...]

Are 21 bathrooms enough for a home?

Some call this a home, some call this a dream, I would call it a great architecture design a little bit intimidating. I would not mind to spend a short holiday there though. Designed by Paris-based Agence Jouin Manku for YTL Design Group, this amazing residence belongs to a Malaysian power family, hosting three generations of the family [...]