My O de Joy children’s e-book now FREE on Amazon!

A little bit of self-promotion…:-) I have published my short and not so short stories on Amazon – really proud of myself because I did everything on my own: story, illustration and Kindle e-book conversion. On Amazon you will find all of them BUT I would like to submit to your attention one of these […]

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First Loves Saga | Cowbird

Today is Valentine’s Day and to celebrate love Cowbird has collected all the First Loves stories written by its members to create a collection of interactive emotions. I  have (obviously) contributed with a couple of stories – Endless Love, Matilde ♥ Samuele and First love | Love first – and enjoyed reading most of them. The ones I loved […]

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Endless Love | silviacasali storytelling

The old man came towards me and asked: “Isn’t she beautiful?” “I am sorry, Sir, I don’t understand” I replied. Then I followed his gaze and saw the silhouette of a woman at the very end of the drive. “Ah, now I understand, but I cannot see her face from here. But I trust you, […]

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Holding my Heart | silviacasali photography

So that next time you will ask me “Mommy, where is your heart?” I will open my hands, and while holding yours I reply: “Right here, this is my Heart” This morning I created my CowBird Diary (for those who do not know this incredible social network, well, it is really worth a visit). I […]

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