GUMDESIGN+ColleVilca=awesome wine glasses collection

Strange how you know about what your neighbour has achieved by someone who lives thousands and thousands miles away! I found these incredible glasses mentioned in a Co.Design newsletter, finding out they were designed and manufactured in…Italy!!! Designed by: GUMDESIGN GUMDESIGN is a design collective ( Laura Fiaschi – designer and graphic designer and Gabriele Pardi – architect) […]

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3 Trends That Will Define The Future Of Infographics

I’ve found this Ross Crooks, cofounder of the infographics firm Column Five, article very interesting for those who like me love infographics. Unfortunately I do not possess the tech skills to create a one, but I think they are a very smart and beautiful way to make data and info accessible and easy to understand. […]

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A Video Series Teaching Web Design To Anyone Who’s Afraid Of Code

  A new series of web tutorials called “Don’t Fear the Internet” tries to teach web design to people who don’t want to be web designers. Anyone who has ever tried to build a website for the first time knows that awful feeling when confronted with lines of HTML, CSS, and PHP, languages as foreign […]

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The Alphabet 2

The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment – is a developmental spelling – video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font’s proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video. Direction / Postproduction […]

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