bluecode + s2g!

During my three years (2006-2009) as the Business Developer at  I had the chance to challenge myself with an entirely new field: mobile technologies.

At the time 2D codes and QR codes where almost unknown to the masses – with the exception of Japan. Together with’s Head of Development, Dario Finardi, we started to investigate how to apply QR codes in the publishing and ticketing industry.

Mixing the standard QR code delivery via MMS or Wappush together with delivery via bluetooth servers and image/face recognition we came out with two  still relevant concepts: bluecode™ and s2g™.

bluecode™ concept was very simple: 2d codes – datamatrix – are delivered to mobile devices via Bluetooth® thanks to’s bluetooth server. Very useful in couponing campaigns, this technology, used in combination with’s Dutch partner mBarc’ scanners, allows a zero-cost delivery of messages/coupons and a careful tracking of the redemption process.

While bluecode can be in someway defined as “something related to the past” for its Bluetooth® related delivery, s2g! is still a concept that is under development and study.  s2g is very simple yet striking, using image recognition engines on mobile Apps as the key to access to hyper-content.

Not too bad, for being a 2008 concept, don’t you think?


Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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