I believe children are a never ending source of knowledge and inspiration – and to celebrate the little ones I have started to write short – and not so short – tales. How to appreciate and enjoy differences – and to not discriminate against beings who are “different”  – is the main thread of the first two tales I have written so far.

I drew sketches of a couple of characters of my stories, and the whole motion picture of both of them is available …. only in my mind!

L’Arcabus – the adventure of two almost- twin rabbits, Lip and Lop aboard of sort-of Noah’s ark (Italian Only)

O de Joy  – another adventure, with a sweet furry and “weird” lead character leaving the forest searching for a better life, but finding good and bad humans instead (English Only)

Rock-Star: a Chrismas Tale – an illustrated (by me) educational and exclusive story about the Christmas Star and a little “incident” happened during her long journey (English/Italian)

The three ebooks will be soon available on Amazon.

And feedback -from your little ones too-  is most welcomed!