Pallacanestro Reggiana vs Unics Kazan

Shooting at a 7 Days Eurocup match is not that immense fun because there are strict rules about photographers’ location. This means, still on the court but not too close to the baseline. And I absolutely love to place myself right below the basket, ground zero, with a wide-angle lens.

Having said that, here’s the photos I shot yesterday night at the Pallacanestro Reggiana vs Unics Kazan. A breathtaking match, no doubt!

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The Endless Video | Filmsupply Challenge

I will recall 2017 as the year of the “video discovery” :D I participated to the Filmsupply Challenge because I fell in love with the song in the video – Endless Story by The Light The Heat. I chose to create a Title Sequence of an original TV series called “The Endless”. I also created the concept of the TV series, which can be summarized as:

Eternal life in a remote small town populated by the test subjects of a lab experiment. No memory of the past, only the present and an endless future in a perennial alternation of falls and winters. A winter day a dead sparrow is found and from that day death becomes one of the villagers.

How do you like it?

Turban Child | Sony World Photography Award 2017 Commended Photography


Turban Child Silvia Casali Photography

Turban Child, a photograph taken at the Sikh Temple in Parma, Italy in 2016, is an image to which I am very attached as it represents a dream of mine, that of being able to travel and recount stories of distant lands. It is a photo that today, itself, will travel, and will recount its own story to many, to very many people, thanks to the totally unexpected international recognition from the World Photography Organization which has moved me, not geographically, but truly moved me beyond words.

My endearing gratitude goes out to you, as to all those who “listen” to my stories; because stories are without significance when without listeners, and the joy to received awards is worth little when not shared.

Thank you,


Turban Child has been commended in the Culture category of the Open competition at the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. Turban Child was chosen as one of the best 50 pictures in this category.  It was selected from 105,692 images from 182 countries.

Turban Child will be exhibited at the Somerset House, London as part of the Sony World Photography & Martin Parr 2017 Exhibition from 21st April – 7th May


Emilia Photography Exhibition

Emilia mostra Silvia Casali Fotografia Europea 2016

Life sometimes is slow, it never changes and days seem endless and boring. On the other hand, it might happen that life speeds up and you realize that months slipped away in a blink of an eye.

This has happened the last six months. I have just realized it’s been that long since I last wrote a post. Many things changed in my life: my career, my relation with death and illness for instance.

But the call to be more creative is still there, growing stronger each and every day. And my last photography exhibition is the perfect example of “going with the flow”. The original project for this year Fotografia Europea Week exhibition was a different one.

But things were not going exactly as planned, so I was forced to change my mind and present a project that was almost there, kept in a drawer for years.

Ten photographs, ten portrays were not enough. I decided to let the models narrate their stories with videos, and I also took photographs of fragments of their homes. At the end, a small project became a meaningful one, loaded with emotions and history.

Here it is, this is E m i l i a

The Perfect Gift

Il Regalo Perfetto silvia casali 2015 copyright (1 di 1)


What are you doing? Why do you want to take a picture with me and this gift-wrapped box?”
“It is for my friends, Mummy. Every year I send a Christmas card to my friends. I need a picture to go with it…”

“Ok. And what’s in this small box?”
“Nothing. It’s empty. It’s just for the shot.”

“Ok… But why do you want my hands in it?”
“Because they are beautiful. I find them beautiful”

“….Alright then,” she says, but is still hesitant. “But don’t take a picture of my face” 

As I was taking this photograph, I realized she held the perfect gift, the best gift she could ever think of for me: a moment in which her hands thoughtfully held my desire to create and to express myself. A moment in which my need became real, alive. A moment in which her wise, weathered hands crafted a true present out of an empty gift-wrapped box.


“Mommy, why are you crying?”
“Nothing Matilde…Do you like the picture of your grandma? “

Yes, I do. Her hands are beautiful. But what’s then in that package?”
“There is the Perfect Gift. Do you know what it is?”

“Mmmmm…to me it’s you! But now, stop you get it?”

Wishing that you will give or receive the Perfect Gift this Christmas

Buon Natale, Merry Christmas and a wonderful and happy New Year



cornelle zoo bergamo italy silvia casali copyright 2015

2015 is going to end soon, and I am forcing myself to take a look back at the many photographs I have shot during these months – to find a reason to keep on working on photography, to study post-production, to recall the past that has gone so fast.

My 2015 Lightroom Archive showed many images not yet edited, just uploaded and left there. Among these many there were the shots taken during my last visit at the Cornelle zoo in Bergamo (Italy). I remember that when I imported them I found them not that interesting, this is why they were there, unedited.

But today, my perspective changed.

It might be the cold and grey winter day, it might be that I am trying to push my boundaries beyond the ordinary me trying to see things differently..I don’t know what it was, but those shots deserved deeper attention and care.

Those shots changed from a quite banal report of a day at the zoo into something different, dressed with a sadness that I have never seen before.

I would like to know your opinion about them