Barn Design | Armando Ruinelli

Another very interesting architectural project. Today we are in Soglio, Switzerland, where the Suiss architect Armando Ruinelli has redeveloped an unused farm barn into a single family residence. The dwelling merges the traditional structure with a contemporary aesthetic, maintaining its place within the villages context. The three storeys are set into the steep slope, placing […]

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AMAZING Fogo Island Arts Corporation

I absolutely have to become a great international photographer (I’m laughing) and design a great project so to be able to successfully apply to Fogo Island Arts Corporation Residency Program, which is meant: “to bring contemporary artists of international caliber to live and work on Fogo Island and Change Islands.  The program encourages the participation […]

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Amazing Desert House | Marmol Radziner

Desert houses can benefit from many features – plenty of sunlight, beautiful scapes or the promise of blissful isolation. This particular Desert House built in Desert Hot Springs, California interacts with the arid grounds and playfully seems to integrate the surroundings in its modern architecture. Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Marmol Radziner, the fascinating […]

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While They await Extinction 2011 | Hanna Hedman

I do not know the weight of this incredible jewelry by Hanna Hedman but I would gladly wear one of these amazing artworks made of silver, oxidized silver, powder coated copper and paint. Hanna Hedman is an awarded Swedish jewellery artist living in Stockholm. Her “While they await extinction”-is a jewellery prpoject that has its origin […]

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Overade – foldable Bike Helmet | Agency 360

With this product I opens a new blog category, Wishlist – in case you know a pseudo-geek design-and-coolness-sensitive person and do not know how to make him/her happy, here it is, just buy one of those things! Just joking, especially because many of the “things” I am going to include in this category are still […]

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