Via delle Scuole 1 | My new project

I have just published a new blog - Via delle Scuole 1 - which is dedicated to all the education-related news/websites/apps I think are a must for those Italian parents who are interested in "adding further contents" to what is in my opinion the obsolete Italian school program. Many of the resources I am going [...]

Jackie is always sharing very interesting and smart examples on how to use technology in classrooms. In this article she is illustrating what Learner Agency is - a great post for both educators and parents, these last playing - my opinion - the most important role in educating the citizens of tomorrow.

Mogees: a sound discovery

I am being a little bit lazy recently, I must admit it. But this news by Co.Design really woke me up. Bruno Zamborlin is a very VERY smart guy - joint PhD in Arts and Computational Technologies between IRCAM/Centre Pompidou in Paris and Goldsmiths, University of London- who is "exploring new methods for gestural interaction and [...]