Black Trees | silviacasaliphotography

I have just noticed this post was first published on January 17th completely...empty! Apologies for the mistake! I have been quite for a while, wondering about what to do with my photography and art, whether to keep on exploring them, seraching for what really reflects my inner "tourbillon" or to say "Stop, forget it!" All [...]

Sand Art | Kseniya Simonova

I am starting to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. It is not that well known in Italy, but I am sure that its popularity will raise during 2012 even in my "very Facebook addicted" country. Anyway, browsing this new cool social newtork I have found a video showing a performance sand art performer [...]

Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Christopher Scott

Put Yourself in Their Shoes is a series of ‘social posters’ by Irish graphic designer Christopher Scott. Inspired by the works of Stefan Sagmeister, Christopher blends elements of nature, man-made objects and certain props to deliver a strong typographical statement. Sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes shocking, these posters aim to stir-up the audience and bring them face-to-face with [...]

Awesome Magazine Ads

Creativity makes magazine ads great, or more exactly greater than the words and pictures printed in magazines. Let’s go through some top magazine advertising campaigns and enjoy the great fun they bring to us. Audi Quattro Four-wheel Drive Ultra Thin Macboook Wonderbra Wonderbra Suntan Lotion Miradent Dental Floss Clinique Mascara IKEA Sliding Wardrobe Adidas Sportwear [...]