Omer Arbel

When I first saw Vancouver Olympic medals I asked myself  “What brilliant mind can create such a great design and cool concept?” The answer was Omer Arbel.

The whole process of conceiving and designing the Olympic medals is carefully described in this Boomdesign post.

What I would like to submit to your attention are the many great projects that this studio in Vancouver is creating.

OAO livingspace


From the interior design of a new shop for the high end contemporary furniture gallery livingspace to 19.0, an the exploration of sand casting technique with various metals to create a one-of -a kind bowl. The “overspill” is usually a by product of this process, which is cleaned up after production and re-finished.


The Omer Arbel Studio designs also more industry-related products which I find really up-to-date.  The 24.2 LED lamp for instance is a longer-life, energy efficient alternative to typical halogen or xenon lamps. This proprietary design utilizes Bocci’s standard G4 lamp holder which is designed to accept either the 24.1 long life xenon lamp or the 24.2 LED.OAO_242OAO_242_side

The possibility of dual usage allows the opportunity for existing fixtures with xenon lamping to be retrofitted on site by simply switching out the lamp head and transformers. Rated for minimum 50,000 hours. And what’s more cool than LED bulb nowadays (see Wired USA, Sept. 2011)?

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