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It is with a GREAT pleasure that I am informing you that my self-portrait “Ora, Domani” is currently exhibiting at the temporary gallery “Il Profumo” during the Settimana della Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

This picture, together with other 18 great images, has been selected as finalist of a national competition “La Donna e il Bambino” (The Woman and the Child).

Ora Domani did not win the competion, but my daughter and I are really proud of our being there. I could not ask more after just two years of amateur photography.

I am also very happy to inform you that my photography dedicated website, silvia casali | imaginando,  is finally online.

It took more than five months to choose the pictures to include in my portfolio and to decide to present myself as a photographer.

Being featured in an exhibition during such an important week, the one of the Fotografia Europea, provided the right incentive to come to an end and publish it.


    1. Oh grazie for taking (a lot) of time to visit my photography website! Hope you did not have any problem in uploading the pictures – some say it is too slow..

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