Milan EXPO2015

Expo 2015 silvia casali photography

Last October I visited the Milan Expo with my daughter Matilde. We wanted to enjoy the experience in its wholeness, skipping the long, huge lines to enter the pavillons - actually any pavillons, October showed to be the worst time to visit Expo2015

Fuorisalone 2014 | ZonaTortona VenturaLambrate

The Milan Design Week is almost over, and the web is full of images and articles about what happened during these last four days. This year too I visited Milan Fuorisalone - a faster than light visit to two of my favorite locations: ZonaTortona e VenturaLambrate.  While editing the photographs I took during those exhausting [...]

Artefiera Bologna 2014

Two years ago I visited Artefiera Bologna for the first time. I was marveled by the creativity exposed and was really excited to be able to see all that creativity from very very close. During the last two years I was very lucky to have given the possibility to become an art student. It is [...]

Sand Art | Kseniya Simonova

I am starting to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. It is not that well known in Italy, but I am sure that its popularity will raise during 2012 even in my "very Facebook addicted" country. Anyway, browsing this new cool social newtork I have found a video showing a performance sand art performer [...]

Micro macro installations | Do-Ho Suh

Once again, thanks to Nicole to introduce me to this very interesting Korean Artist, Do-Ho Suh, whose installations and architectural environments are playing between the micro and the macro, between personal and social, individual and collectivity. You can read more about him in this designboom interview. Do-Ho Suh is represented by gallery Lehmann Maupin, New York.

Once upon a time there was a skateboard | Haroshi

Haroshi makes his art pieces recycling old used skateboards. His creations are born through styles such as wooden mosaic, dots, and pixels; where each element, either cut out in different shapes or kept in their original form, are connected in different styles, and shaven into the form of the final art piece. Haroshi became infatuated [...]

Urban Greenery | Mosstika

When a while ago I searched for sustainable art the result was a wide array of  upcycling projects which to me were yes artistic but not that sustainable. Today I am talking about Mosstika,  Elina Tokodi and József Vályi-Tóth, a NYC based collective, whose mission is " to collide the worlds of art and nature, creating havens [...]

Crochetaxidermy? Oh YES!

Crochetdermy, as in Shauna Richardson's work, combines themes such as objects, collecting, craft and realism and experiments with accessibility and audience, evolved out of the exploration of the theory that  ‘Anything can be art’. Shauna uses crochet to sculpt realistic life-size animals – uncanny taxidermy-like forms. In 2009 Shauna won ‘Artists taking the lead’ part of [...]

Book of Art | Isaac Salazar

I have always thought of Flickr as a community of photography lovers. To my great surprise I have also found great art projects not photography related such as Book of Art. I have been unable to find other information about the project elsewhere - but I will keep you updated. In the meanwhile, enjoy these [...]

Misako Inaoka

You might say that I am having a crush with Japanese art and design. True. Actually, I have always had it. Born in Tokyo, living in San Francisco, Misako's works are influenced by  "manipulated urban nature (..). I emphasize the subtle details of surviving nature and exaggerate their illogicality to cultivate my own version of [...]