Artefiera Bologna 2014

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Two years ago I visited Artefiera Bologna for the first time. I was marveled by the creativity exposed and was really excited to be able to see all that creativity from very very close.

During the last two years I was very lucky to have given the possibility to become an art student. It is still a work in process: last year I hated watercolors while today they are my favourite.
I still do not understand how to draw or paint following rules because to me art MUST be spontaneous and visceral – but I have to admit that my teachers are right when they say: “First, know the rules, then break them”.  And finally, I have had the chance to meet my “art element” which is clay sculpture.

All the above to describe my perspective when I visited Artefiera Bologna two days ago. I felt like an insider – even though I am a “rookie” – and watched all the art piece with less amazement and a little bit of shame. Yes, shame.

I am very critical about my work of art, and I would have felt ashamed to expose some of the “work of art” I saw at Artefiera Bologna. I understand that art impressions are very subjective, but I believe that a minimum level of proprierty must be ensured by exhibitors.

I have photographed – sorry, with my mobile phone – the works I found more interesting and that made me laugh or think. I would call some of them “work of art”, others I would prefer to label them “expressions of creativity”.


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