Black Trees | silviacasaliphotography

I have just noticed this post was first published on January 17th completely...empty! Apologies for the mistake! I have been quite for a while, wondering about what to do with my photography and art, whether to keep on exploring them, seraching for what really reflects my inner "tourbillon" or to say "Stop, forget it!" All [...]

Scandiano Old Lady | Take Two

As my "friend and editor" Ingrid, always says: "Casali sei una bestia!" - which translates more or less with "Casali, you are so gross!". She always refers to me as "gross" when it comes to developing and post-producing pictures. I am lazy, very very lazy. I do not study photography, I have not the patience [...]


Aka baton twirlers are disappearing in traditional Italian "feste del paese" (village festivals), I don't know whether because they are very expensive to be hired or just because they are no more that "cool". They are, indeed.