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As my “friend and editor” Ingrid, always says: “Casali sei una bestia!” – which translates more or less with “Casali, you are so gross!”.

She always refers to me as “gross” when it comes to developing and post-producing pictures. I am lazy, very very lazy. I do not study photography, I have not the patience to follow tutorials and friends’ suggestions. I shot in RAW and my pictures are viewed more or less as …raw!

I love beasts, they are very fascinating,  but last time I spoke with Ingrid I felt really ignorant, therefore I decided that despite my love for beasts, I had to do something about that.

During these summer holidays,  I downloaded a tutorial “Black and White – convertion and editing”. I watched it, I followed the instructions and..voilà! My RAW are less ..raw!

I decided to start practising with the photographs already published in the “Scandiano Old Lady” project. I must admit that the difference is subtle and evident at the same time, what I really prefer because I do not like heavy post- production.

The “new” photographs are now online on my silviacasaliphotography website – I am curious to know your opinion about them.


  1. Silvia–Every time I clicked on the link for the Scandiano old lady I got an Error 404 message: “page not found.” I did eventually manage to find and enter your site, but I couldn’t find the old lady. Lovely shot, just from the post. ciao. Ken

    1. Ciao Ken – You were absolutely right – that URL did not worked because I modified my photography website (and a couple of its URL) after having published this post. Now it works! Thank you!

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