Liteon Succulent Concept by Yu-ru Chen

Apparently plastic bags are a resourceful means to collect morning dew and many mountaineers use it to collect water. Needless to say, not all climbers are conscientious enough to carry back their litter, and as a result many of our peaks are getting polluted. To offer a better alternative, we have here the Succulent Concept, [...]

Easy to find Tape

    Quite often a simple but subtle change makes the world with big difference, and the Easy-to-Find Tape is rightly a good example. It features a wavy look, which thus allows the users to find the end of a tape more quickly and easily. For guys ever bothered by hard-to-find-end tapes, this one is [...]

Mercedes F125 Concept Has Gestural Interface, Hydrogen-Filled Frame | Co. Design

    Mercedes F125 Concept Has Gestural Interface, Hydrogen-Filled Frame A sleek luxury sedan, the F-125 sports an advanced hydrogen-electric hybrid engine. Today, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes revealed its car of the future: a luxury sedan with zero-emissions propulsion--the holy grail of "sustainable" car manufacturing--thanks to a hydrogen-electric-hybrid engine and fuel tanks [...]

Do you like wadaly? I do!

Wadaly is a young firm devoted to contemporary form and innovative design. Our focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. All of the materials used are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced. Each Wadaly piece is handcrafted to order in Brooklyn, NY. via wadaly.