green being, being green | silviacasali for SIGG contest

I am a SIGG addicted, therefore when I discovered this SIGG contest on Talenthouse I could not help myself from submitting “something”.

Being not good at using Photoshop and other graphic design software, I decided to keep it simple. Very simple. And do something by hand – actually, I grabbed my SIGG bottle wrapped in white paper after having colored my left hand with green 100%eco friendly watercolor.

The heart shape came by “mistake”, a lucky one, and I decided to write a very simple sentence inside this lucky heart – green being, being green – a mix between Hulk and Shrek, which I think is cool and funny at the same time.


The SIGG contest voting is now open…why do not vote for my green being, being green design (only if you like my design, of course!!)?

And if you do not mind, share share share!!

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