lik house | satoru hirota architects

Another "my style" house with a BUT: I do really like only the bathroom, the very zen courtyard where all the rooms have access to BUT I really do not like its location. I  think a video  would have shown volumes and spaces much better than wide-angle picures - but the whole project has that [...]

nendo | oki sato

I stumbled upon one of latest nendo designs while reading Wallpaper - featuring the "bell-orgel" collection,  wooden music boxes for Isetan which I found very interesting. The ‘bell-orgel collection’ project was  launched with the cooperation of composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's moretrees initiative, which promotes the protection of forests as absorbers of CO2. The music box, which was then decorated [...]

Misako Inaoka

You might say that I am having a crush with Japanese art and design. True. Actually, I have always had it. Born in Tokyo, living in San Francisco, Misako's works are influenced by  "manipulated urban nature (..). I emphasize the subtle details of surviving nature and exaggerate their illogicality to cultivate my own version of [...]

Introducing Miharu Matsunaga’s Ten-Ten

Another great design related spotted in Nicole's blog. Enjoy this wonderful "ten-ten"  (dots) flow by Miharu Matsunaga, talented Japanese Designer, Artist and Photographer. Miharu Matsunaga's Got Me Seeing Spots. In Mihaur's  website, you can also find other interesting works, such as the below featured Tarzan.