nendo | oki sato

I stumbled upon one of latest nendo designs while reading Wallpaper – featuring the “bell-orgel” collection,  wooden music boxes for Isetan which I found very interesting.

The ‘bell-orgel collection’ project was  launched with the cooperation of composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s moretrees initiative, which promotes the protection of forests as absorbers of CO2. The music box, which was then decorated by 57 different designers and design groups, are made of Japanese cypress (hinoki) harvested as part of sustainable forest management practices. As a familiar form, the bell shape also invites visitors to touch the music box and enjoy the feel of the wood surface.

But these music boxes are just one of the many, beautiful design works of this very productive studio. Here you can find a show case of the ones I like most, ranging from non-slip birdhouse to  kotori, a de-luxe pic-nic box to visible structures, carbon fiber furniture.


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