Bologna la dotta

Every now and then I take the train from my hometown to visit Bologna aka “La Dotta” (the Savant) home of the oldest University in the world. Bologna is also known for its defensive towers (originally 180, now only 20) and its 38 kilometres (24 miles) of porticoes  in the city’s historical centre (over 45 km (28 mi) in the city proper).

I always enjoy to walk along on Bologna narrow streets, and enjoy the sound of the Bolognese accent – which always makes me smile – not to mention my favourite street food: a panino with mortadella!

While I was taking pictures in the alleys surrounding Piazza Grande I heard a music,  (and fighting with exposition) coming from the Piazza. I followed the strange xylophone sound and I found this incredible man playing bottles…blindfolded!

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