Es Pujol de Sera | Marià Castelló Martínez

This home, Es Pujol de Sera by the Spanish architect  Marià Castelló Martínez,  has been my "virtual" escape all week long. It looks like this website: a white box with a lot of beautiful - almost empty-  rooms. But from its full width windows I can breathe the smell of Formentera -a beautiful and wild [...]

Barn Design | Armando Ruinelli

Another very interesting architectural project. Today we are in Soglio, Switzerland, where the Suiss architect Armando Ruinelli has redeveloped an unused farm barn into a single family residence. The dwelling merges the traditional structure with a contemporary aesthetic, maintaining its place within the villages context. The three storeys are set into the steep slope, placing [...]

AMAZING Fogo Island Arts Corporation

I absolutely have to become a great international photographer (I'm laughing) and design a great project so to be able to successfully apply to Fogo Island Arts Corporation Residency Program, which is meant: "to bring contemporary artists of international caliber to live and work on Fogo Island and Change Islands.  The program encourages the participation [...]

Amazing Desert House | Marmol Radziner

Desert houses can benefit from many features – plenty of sunlight, beautiful scapes or the promise of blissful isolation. This particular Desert House built in Desert Hot Springs, California interacts with the arid grounds and playfully seems to integrate the surroundings in its modern architecture. Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Marmol Radziner, the fascinating [...]

lik house | satoru hirota architects

Another "my style" house with a BUT: I do really like only the bathroom, the very zen courtyard where all the rooms have access to BUT I really do not like its location. I  think a video  would have shown volumes and spaces much better than wide-angle picures - but the whole project has that [...]

Dear Santa, just bring me Nothing, or better, a Cardboard Box…but like this one!

Thanks to Nicole, I have discovered Nothing. Nothing is an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, whose interior design perfectly reflect  the  creative-problem-solving attitude of this creative agency with a "it is not what you but how  you do it" attitude. The office interior designed by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk, was assembled with no [...]

A biblical bridge | Ro&Ad

I did not know Ro&Ad Architecten from  Netherland until yesterday, when I received my daily Fast.Co Design newsletter. Simply Wonderful. I would pay to cross this bridge. Then I visited their website and found this project description I would like to share: "At times, it can be good to come up with something senseless. The freedom of [...]

dmvA Architecten – Antwerp

I could not help myself from sharing this project from one of my favorite architecture design studio - dmvA Architecten. Blob VB3 is a small mobile home, - a great medium-sized office if placed in my garden 😉 - the product of 18-months work of skirting around strict building codes. The result is a a [...]

Are 21 bathrooms enough for a home?

Some call this a home, some call this a dream, I would call it a great architecture design a little bit intimidating. I would not mind to spend a short holiday there though. Designed by Paris-based Agence Jouin Manku for YTL Design Group, this amazing residence belongs to a Malaysian power family, hosting three generations of the family [...]