A biblical bridge | Ro&Ad

I did not know Ro&Ad Architecten from  Netherland until yesterday, when I received my daily Fast.Co Design newsletter. Simply Wonderful. I would pay to cross this bridge.

Then I visited their website and found this project description I would like to share: “At times, it can be good to come up with something senseless. The freedom of boundlessness, browsing around beyond your own horizon. Out there, somewhere, lie big discoveries, essential insights and, ultimately, true gain. You would do yourself wrong by not going there often enough. 
It starts with a little idea. Folding an A4 sheet of paper results in a roaming boat of eternit slates, driven by the wind. It becomes icebound every winter on Europe’s northernmost lake and continues on its unpredictable course in spring. An almost untraceable, chaotic boat sheltering the chilled traveller. Speaking of senselessness

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