Color vs B&W

This is my big dilemma these last weeks (together with: how to create a photography project and when to launch my new photography website).

Although I have always like color-saturated pictures I have to admit that black and white images are very, tremendously fascinating.

I was post-producing the pictures I shot last week while travelling on the Brennero highway on a quite foggy cold afternoon. I loved the “ghost” atmosphere and the silhouttes – and when the sun came out I really love the orange tones.

During the first post-production session I left the color – I loved the result but then, a couple of days after, I watched a couple of Micheal Kenna photographs depicting the same landscapes, in black and white.

I re-edited my images in B&W, leaving a little bit of orange light here and there. The problem now is that I cannot decide which “version” I prefer. Here you can find a sample of the photographs in both color and B&W. Any suggestion and comment are welcomed!

Ghost Highway | Color
Ghost Highway | B&W
Ghost Highway | Color
Ghost Highway | B&W


  1. I feel the same way. I love color, and don’t have B&W for sale yet, but there is a feeling of mystery and simplicity that I am drawn to. I am going to do some of mine in B&W someday soon. Thanks for your post!

  2. They are stunningly dramatic. I am what I call ‘a Winter person’. What draws me are the subtitles of the greys and the darks against the thinness of the sun or moon. For this, black and white are superior. However, in the Spring and Summer and Autumn, leaves and vegetation cry out for colour. That’s how I see it. I just love these. They are beautiful. I love bare trees because they reach inside.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I am not a “Winter person”, this is why it is so difficult to me to use B&W. But I still have to learn a lot about photography!!!

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